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USVendingAutomatic Merchandiser delivers business-building content in print, online, via email and social media.
USAutomated Teller MachinesATM MarketplaceSince 1997, has reported on the important news, events, trends and people in the ATM industry. We reach a global audience of professionals from all sectors of the ATM market, including financial institutions, vendors, retailers and IADs. Our site features a directory of product and service providers as well as slideshows, videos and research.
USConfectionCandy IndustryCandy Industry is a global confectionery publication covering all aspects of the market, from manufacturing to retail. Candy Industry reaches more industry professionals in wholesale/retail manufacturing as well as candy/snack buyers than any other confectionery news source. Candy Industry offers more content and information on the confectionery industry than any other industry publication.
USCoffeeCoffeeTalk MagazineCoffeeTalk Magazine, is the leading editorial source for news and developments in the business of coffee. With a staff of dedicated professionals, CoffeeTalk is widely considered the most important and complete independent media provider of information about all aspects of the coffee world – from crop to cup.
USCoin-Op AmusementReplay MagazineRePlay is a monthly magazine for the coin-op amusement game business. Its news and features are directed primarily at the American market, reporting this industry’s news to manufacturers, distributors and operators of games and jukeboxes at locations ranging from single sites to family entertainment centers (FECs).
USVendingVending is a national publication serving the $30 billion vending industry, which includes companies that provide merchandise vending services, refreshment services, industrial foodservice, recreational services, entertainment services, amusement machines and bulk vending machines. The publication provides news, feature articles and opinion pieces that address the industry’s business, legal, regulatory concerns.
EUVendingVending ReportFrom

The brand Vending Report© is published in 13 countries with own magazines, guides and/or factbooks. Vending Report presents itself at all important european and international vending exhibitions and fairs on regular basis, worldwide. Vending Report is published in 12 countries in the national languages: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, CIS (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine), UAE and China (starting 2017).
JAPANVendingVending JournalVending Journal is the only professional vending newspaper in Japan. The newspaper was founded on May 1, 1992 and published on 15th day of every month. The newspaper features extensive contents, comprehensive information and in-depth coverage, thus having received good recognition in the Japanese vending industry. The newspaper reports the most updated news, market location and the trends of the clients' needs of the vending-related marketplaces, concerning the manufacturers of vending machines, related equipment and parts and accessories, producers and suppliers of food and drinks, bottlers and packaging suppliers, vending operators, machine repairs and maintenance service providers, convenience stores and supermarkets, as well as the manufacturers of amusement equipment,